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Sharkskin Chillproof Hooded Vest with Front zip Men's


The Sharkskin Chillproof sleeveless top full zip with hood is...

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The Sharkskin Chillproof sleeveless top full zip with hood is designed to be worn underneath your wetsuit to provide the best warmth and insulation for colder dives.

The hood protects against chafing from mask straps, keeps your head and ears toasty warm and is flexible enough to slide down around your neck during and in-between dives while remaining comfortable. The Chillproof material allows for better hearing and less chance of ear squeeze than traditional neoprene hoods. The full zip ensures the garment is easy to don and doff before and after use. 

About Chillproof

Chillproof is an aquatic specific windchill proof, 3-layer composite material with the thermal properties of a 2.5 to 3mm neoprene wetsuit but without many of the drawbacks of traditional wetsuits. Chillproof can be worn under a wetsuit for extra warmth and enhanced wind protection. Chillproof can also be worn by itself as the perfect watersports thermal wear or layered with other Sharkskin garments for extra warmth and insulation.

It is ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling, jet skiing, paddle watersports, board watersports, wind watersports, sailing and many other watersports.

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